De Groene Kaart English



The Groene Kaart is completely sustainable and green, so only organic and sustainable products, free of refined sugars, gluten-free, free of colorants, aromatic substances, free of preservatives and fully vegetarian


“Piece menu”

Your choice of two dishes from our menu, served together on one plate(main course)


€ 19,50


“Bounge menu”

Your choice of four dishes from our menu, served in two courses (starter and main course)


€ 29,50


“Mariage menu”

Your choice of six dishes from our menu, served in three courses (starter, main course and dessert)


€ 39,50

 Groene Kaart menu




* Tompouce of mozzarella, arugula and sun-dried tomatoes with a carrot pesto and balsamic vinaigrette (contains lactose)

* Salad of grilled vegetables and quinoa, chicory leaf marinated in cumin (March-May) or spinach leaf (June-March) and a veganaise of horseradish


* Fresh salad of quinoa, broccoli, raisins, Elstar apple, red onion and garneted with apple blossom




* Carrot-lentils soup with curry and citrus cress finished with a cloud of soy yoghurt and fried coco


* Double extracted bouillon with organic,  fresh vegetables and herbs

Main dishes:


* Tajine filled with chickpeas, fresh garlic, shallots, sun-dried tomatoes and puffed peppers


* Pasta of corn and endive, carrot, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion and garlic


* Indian corn pancake filled with a Dahl of red lentils and a vegetable curry, finished with a garlic veganaise


Side dishes


* Puffed sweet potato filled with a spicy soy yoghurt                               (additional price € 2,50)


* Apple compote sweetened with organic lemonade                                   (additional price € 2,50)





* Poached pear (spring) or strawberries (summer, fall and winter) in a coat of pure chocolate and cinnamon with a mélange of nuts served on the side


* Pie of Elstar apple with a anis cress


* Almond and goji berry ginger snaps served with a spoom of coco and a gel of red fruit



After the dessert we have of course several organic coffee and tea varieties  for you to choose from



Restaurant Le Mariage is going for organic and sustainable with the Groene Kaart